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June 2017 - 12 night Royal Caribbean Baltic Cruise

(Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia)

Stayed in Amsterdam, Netherlands night before cruise (element hotel)

Walking around Amsterdam, Netherlands

Getting ready to board the cruise in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Royal Caribbean cruise - "Vision of the Seas"

Had to go through a canal lock / dam leaving Amsterdam

Similar to the one they have in the Panama Canal

Had to do the rock wall on the back of the ship

Helsinki, Finland (1st stop on the 12 night cruise)

Interesting Monument in Sibelius Park

Famous Rock Church (basically a neat rock pit with a roof)

St. Petersburg, Russia (2nd stop on the 12 night cruise)

Taking bus ride to Catherine's Palace

Catherine's Palace (early 1700's)

She was the wife of Peter the Great and

ruled Russia for two years after his death

Catherine's art collection includes 3 million pieces and stored

at the Hermitage musuem in Russia. It would take 8 years to

see every piece of art if you spent 1 min viewing each piece.

Lots of gold lacing in the Palace

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral
Dedicated to the Sailors

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Guy selling coffee from the back of his vehicle

Cathedral of Resurrection on Spilled Blood
Built on the site of a Royal Assassination

3rd excursion on 1st day in St. Petersburg, Russia (Folk Show)

2nd day in St. Petersburg, Russia (taking excursion below)

Peterhof - series of Palaces & Gardens

Created by Peter the Great

Taking bus to the Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum - Largest in the World for Art

Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia) has 3 million pieces of art

The Louvre in Paris has 38,000 pieces of art

Taking bus back to cruise ship

Departing St. Petersburg, Russia and going to Tallinn, Estonia.

Tallinn, Estonia (taking the excursion below)

Some big outdoor concert area which Madonna, Elton John,

Michael Jackson and other popular people have performed.

Surprise, Surprise - Here is a church. lol

Police painting a warning sign to tourists about pickpocketing.

This area in old town Tallinn, Estonia is known for ghost sightings.

Protesters in Estonia.

Funny sign at a restaurant in Estonia.

Stockholm, Sweden

City Hall Tour in Stockholm, Sweden

Gold Room

Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

The ship was launched in 1628 & sailed for 20 min.
Wind hit the sails and tilted the boat. Water rushed
into the opened gun ports on the side and quickly
sank. The boat was refloated 333 years later in
1961 and then moved to the Vasa Museum.

Model Replica of the Ship and its Inside

Aarhus, Denmark

Queen's Summer Residence

DenGambleBy is a city replica of what it looked like years ago

This is what an apartment looked like in Denmark during the 70's

Tami with a 70's hairstyle

The boat owned by the Queen of Denmark

Area for new / upcoming musicians to perform

their music to the Public in Aarhus, Denmark

Top of a museum where people can walk through a rainbow corridor

Popular thing to do for highschool graduates in Denmark

The group rents a decorated truck and ride in the back.

We saw several of these trucks blasting loud music.

This truck stopped near us. They all got out and jumped

into a water fountain. See all the water on the ground.

We sampled some of the fries cooked in duck fat. Tastes good.

Heading to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark (famous mermaid statue)

Royal Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosenborg Castle

City Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Attraction (has rides & nice gardens)

Walt Disney visited this site several times in

the 50's which inspired him to build Disneyland.

They had these amusement mirrors that alter your appearance

They had gymnast from all over Denmark that perform at Tivoli

If you win here, you get a 6 pound candy bar in a 3 foot package

The Guinness World Records Store

Replica of the World's Tallest Man

Nyhaven Street - Popular area in Copenhagen, Denmark

Took a one hour canal ride in one of these boats

Low bridges - boat just fit through

Tami imitating a Royal Palace guard in Denmark. lol

We had a great time on the 12 night Baltic Cruise

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