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March 2014 - Guilin - Longi Rice Terraces, China

The owner of the hotel in the rice terraces picked us up at

the airport and drove us north of Guilin (2 hours) to his hotel.

Had to buy a ticket at the place below to enter rice terraces.

Hotel owner's wife & cousin insisted

to carry our luggage to the hotel.

Below is the entrance to the Hotel (on a mountain side).

Had 2 windows in our room that overlooked the mountain valley.

Our hotel room balcony.

Owner of the hotel.

Hotel owner's mother-in-law gave us a 4 hour tour of the

rice terraces using the paths taken by the locals.

The mother-in-law below knew the locals. She would often

carry conversations with people working the rice terraces

that were 1/4 mile away since voices echo off mountains.

Viewpoint from "Nine Dragons and Five Tigers" lookout.

Viewpoint from "Seven Stars with Moon" lookout.

Took a 3.5 hour taxi ride from the

hotel heading south to Yangshuo.

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